Santa-Barbara-based Living Vehicle

The Santa-Barbara-based Living Vehicle initial introduced their exceptional housing back in 2018. Currently they need improved upon their initial style with their latest providing – The 2020 Living Vehicle trailer. In contrast to most camper trailers that are designed with short adventures in mind, this luxury mobile abode is intended additional sort of a permanent residence, it’s formed with all the comforts of a true home jam-choked with noteworthy amenities. Inside it you’ll realize alittle room with all of the fashionable appliances, a living space, a master suite, a spacious rest room, and a fold-down wall that becomes a terrace. The structure is supported by durable metal tubes that guarantee strength and light-weight, the skin is from constant noble material that contributes for an excellent look and encompasses a vintage vogue that reminds of the 50’s Airstream models. There’s conjointly an affordable range of customizable choices so you’ll equip it with everything you would like to measure off-the-grid for months at a time.

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