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Outside Strata Camper

Portland-based Outside Van spend significant time in changing over the Mercedes Sprinter into a slobber commendable, deceived-out camper van with heaps of inside space, and committed to pulling athletic equipment into and out of nature. One of their most recent uniquely crafted across-the-board camper vans is the gorgeous Outside Strata, a 4×4 selenite dim metallic 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that comes outfitted with all the highlights you could envision for genuine experiences. Intended for genuine rigging heads, the kitted-out 4WD Overlanding vehicle has some genuine outside moves up to browse, similar to a ruggedized pre-sprinter guard, rough terrain LED light bars, intense tires, a side-stepping stool, and crossbars up top for pulling paddleboards and other apparatus. Ideal for a climber, biker, skier, surfer, kiteboarder, full-time globe-trotter, or end-of-the-week warrior who needn’t bother with all the weight and majority of a completely prepared camper. The Outside Strata has a profound rundown of choices and attempts to detail each extend to the client each need and impulse. Watch the video.

VAN SPOTLIGHT: Strata | Outside Van 2019 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 144 Van Conversion

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