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Ducati Scrambler Concept Motorcycles CR24I and RR24I

Ducati Scrambler, the iconic motorcycle brand known for its blend of heritage and modern design, has unveiled two stunning concept motorcycles at the 2024 London Bike Shed MotoShow: the CR24I and the RR24I. These concepts showcase the endless possibilities of Scrambler customization, taking the Scrambler platform in exciting new directions.

CR24I: Embracing the Cafe Racer Legacy

The CR24I draws inspiration from the legendary cafe racers of the 1960s and 1970s. Its sleek fairing evokes a sense of nostalgia, featuring clip-on handlebars and bar-end mirrors for a sporty riding position. The single seat with a detachable passenger cover, reminiscent of the classic “panettone” saddles, adds to the cafe racer aesthetic.

RR24I: A Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Machine

In stark contrast to the CR24I, the RR24I takes a radical approach, drawing inspiration from post-apocalyptic themes. This concept strips the Ducati Scrambler down to its bare essentials, emphasizing raw functionality and pure riding experience. Exposed aluminum parts and a focus on utility define the RR24I. The stripped tank frame allows for attaching a bag for essentials, while the removable pillion seat transforms into a luggage rack. The upcycled jerrycan-style case and high Termignoni exhaust add a touch of ruggedness. Pirelli Scorpion Rally tires and a high front mudguard ensure the RR24I is ready to tackle any terrain.

Scrambler: Freedom of Expression on Two Wheels

Both the CR24I and RR24I concepts highlight the core of the Ducati Scrambler philosophy: freedom of expression. The Scrambler platform is a blank canvas for riders to create a motorcycle that reflects their own personality and riding style. Ducati’s commitment to customization extends beyond aesthetics, with the Scrambler offering a range of performance and handling options.

Ducati Scrambler: Accessible and Customizable

Whether you’re drawn to the vintage charm of the CR24I or the rugged functionality of the RR24I, there’s a Scrambler out there for you. Scrambler Ducati motorcycles are known for their accessibility, offering a dynamic and safe riding experience for new and experienced riders alike.

Visit the official Ducati Scrambler website to learn more about the Scrambler range. Discover the freedom of Scrambler ownership and unleash your creativity on two wheels.

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