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  • Best-Outdoor-Smartwatches-Stuff-Detective


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    10 Best Outdoor Wrist Watches

    Customary timekeepers have been a basic embellishment since they were conceived sometime in the past, helping people wherever to stay prompt, educated, and headed the correct way. In any case, after some time, it turned out to be certain that these wrist-worn peripherals were intended for unmistakably more than the estimation of hours and minutes. […] More

  • Cleo-Robotics-Dronut-X1-Bi-Rotor-Drone-Stuff-Detective-4
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    Cleo Dronut X1 Drone

    Currently, the level of mastery reached in drone development activities has reached incredibly surprising levels. Despite being a relatively new form of technology, drones have quickly become ubiquitous around the world. It doesn’t seem like a day goes by without hearing about breakthrough innovation in the drone field. In this news, we introduce the Dronut […] More

  • Intelino-Smart-Train-Set-Stuff-Detective-1
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    Intelino Smart Train Set

    Intelino raises the bar for the classic toy train to deliver an interactive and intelligent experience. The smart train has built-in robotics that creates a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) experience suitable for all ages. With four modes, it can be used off-screen for haptic coding with colored parts, or connected to a companion […] More

  • ulysse-nardin-ufo-table-clock-stuff-detective-1
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    Ulysse Nardin UFO Table Clock

    Ulysse Nardin has been producing ultra-precise marine chronometers since its founding in 1846. Ulysse Nardin is one of the companies that pioneered the use of gimbals to prevent ships from swaying at sea. This is what makes the UFO desk clock so unique. The pedestal has weights that allow the chronometer to swing like the […] More

  • ferrari-daytona-sp3-stuff-detective-9
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    Ferrari Daytona SP3

    Ferrari unveils the Daytona SP3, its new 828 horsepower hypercar, inspired by its big victory (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1967. This beauty with a vintage-inspired 6.5-liter V12 engine can produce 828 horsepower and 697Nm of torque thanks to its seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The 0-60mph value is just 2.85 […] More

  • balmuda-smartphone-stuff-detective-1
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    Balmuda Smartphone

    Japan-based Balmuda is best known for their toasters, but we’re slowly seeing them expand into electronics as well. First with a speaker, now with a phone. At first glance; We can say that it is a small-sized device based on Android, with a 4.9″ screen, which is easier to hold than most large-screen phones, accentuated […] More

  • Playboy-Big-Bunny-Private-Jet-Stuff-Detective-4
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    Big Bunny Private Jet of Playboy

    In 1969, Hugh Hefner purchased a brand new Douglas DC-9-32, an extended version of Douglas’ commercial airplane. Painted black and bearing the iconic Playboy Bunny logo on its tail, the Big Bunny aircraft carried Hefner and a crew of VIPs between Chicago and LA (until Hefner sold the plane in 1975). After Playboy’s return to […] More

  • 2022-Porsche-Taycan-GTS-Sedan-and-Sport-Turismo-Stuff-Detective-5
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    2022 Porsche Taycan GTS Sedan & Sport Turismo

    In late 2019, Porsche unveiled its first EV model, the Taycan, which combines the brand’s signature blend of luxury and performance in an all-battery-powered package. Now let’s quickly come to the present. The Stuttgart firm has unveiled an even higher-performance, track-ready variant of the electric Porsche, now called the Taycan GTS. The Taycan GTS, which […] More

  • hinckley-overlanding-goat-camping-trailer-stuff-detective-1
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    Hinckley GOAT Off-Road Camping Trailer

    Hinckley Overlanding‘s GOAT trailer gives you the ability to camp virtually anywhere in a rugged, compact package that even an ATV can tow. Measuring just 0.96m x 1.6m x 0.68m, the GOAT is built with 3/16 sheet steel and a torsion suspension system for plenty of ground clearance. The GOAT can be equipped with almost […] More

  • Kia-Concept-EV9-Stuff-Detective-10
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    KIA Concept EV9

    The annual Los Angeles Auto Show hosts countless concepts and visionary perspectives on what to expect in the near and far future of automotive. With its latest promotion, KIA definitely shows that it trusts its visionary perspective. The South Korean manufacturer introduced the Concept EV9. An all-electric SUV that gives a good idea of ​​what […] More

  • Zippo-Rechargeable-Hand-Warmer-Stuff-Detective-9
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    Zippo HeatBank 9s Hand Warmer

    When temperatures drop, the Zippo HeatBank 9s keeps your hands warm and comfortable in a slim, portable package. The battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh provides HeatBank 9s up to 9 hours of operating time with single or double-sided heating up to 120°F / 50°C. Battery and temperature indicator lights give you the information […] More

  • 2023-Chevrolet-Corvette-Z06-Stuff-Detective-5
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    2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

    Ever since the launch of the C8 or eighth-generation Corvette, enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the new Z06. That day comes sooner than you think. Are you ready for the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06? Are you saying that there will be a Z06 now, while fans of these cars can’t even come close to a […] More

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    2021 Adventure Truck Offroad Caravan

    We’ve been climbing the wave of popularity of off-road vehicles lately. Companies in the industry offer some great deals, big and small, to add comfort and convenience to your planned offroad camper adventures. On the big offers side of the spectrum, we see a giant camper called the 2021 Adventure Truck developed by the Global […] More

  • Maeving-RM1-EBike-Stuff-Detective-1


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    Maeving RM1 Retro E-Bike

    The lightweight electric motorcycle market has been swarming with a number of startups competing for a piece of this increasingly popular space over the past few years. A fledgling firm that managed to stand out from the crowd in this arena made its debut with what they called the RM1. The name of this brave […] More

  • mazda-cx-50-crossover-suv-stuff-detective-1


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    Mazda CX-50 Crossover SUV

    Although Mazda was founded a century ago, it never entered the off-road model production market, where brands and models such as Ford Bronco and Subaru Wilderness have become increasingly popular in recent years. But it seems that they can’t stay on the lookout for any longer, and they want to take action with the launch […] More

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