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  • Best-Outdoor-Smartwatches-Stuff-Detective


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    10 Best Outdoor Wrist Watches

    Customary timekeepers have been a basic embellishment since they were conceived sometime in the past, helping people wherever to stay prompt, educated, and headed the correct way. In any case, after some time, it turned out to be certain that these wrist-worn peripherals were intended for unmistakably more than the estimation of hours and minutes. […] More

  • narke-gt95-cyberjet-stuff-detective
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    Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski

    Narke‘s latest electric jet ski can be used where the first generation GT45 was discontinued, with greater power, greater range, and more advanced design. The electric motor and high-power battery pack can produce 95 horsepower, a top speed of 43 MPH, and a cruising range of 31 miles. The Narke GT95 is 13 feet long […] More

  • monopoly-maple-luxe-edition-stuff-detective

    Monopoly Luxury Edition

    If Uncle Rich Pennybags commissioned him to make his own Monopoly series, we can imagine it would be like this. The game cabinet is made of blond maple wood and is equipped with die-cast metal drawer handles and decorative panels. The game surface is affixed with a gold foil label, and the middle is an […] More

  • teenage-engineering-street-fighter-stuff-detective
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    Teenage Engineering Street Fighter Pocket Operator

    Based on the popular PO-33 K.O. small operator, Teenage Engineering ’s PO-133 is based on its successful formula and real Street Fighter sound. This gadget has 16 built-in audio tracks from classic fighting games and real samples. The robot also has a microphone for sampling, eight melody sampling slots, eight drum slots, 40-second sample storage, […] More

  • Vaonis-Vespera-Smart-Telescope-Stuff-Detective
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    Vaonis Vespera Smart Telescope

    In 2018, Vaonis introduced the game-changing Stellina telescope to the world, and the company was touted as “the world’s first intelligent exploration station.” After the first use of high-tech telescopes to attract a large number of followers, the startup has now announced its next product, the more compact and user-friendly Vaonis Vespera smart telescope. This […] More

  • Stromer-ST5-e-Bike-Stuff-Detective
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    Stromer ST5 e-Bike Now With ABS

    After manufacturing fast electric bicycles (faster than ordinary electric bicycles) in the past 10 years, Stromer, based in Switzerland, has added ABS to its latest model. This makes a lot of sense-you have a powerful motor automation function, why not increase the safety of the anti-lock braking system? Additional features provide better control of braking […] More

  • floris-hotel-stuff-detective

    Floris Hotel in South Tyrol

    Located at the bottom of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, the Floris Hotel is a collection of modern treehouse suites from the Parc Hotel Florian. The volume of the gable is placed on a ten-foot support frame to limit damage to the ground and then stacked to form a two-story structure with five rooms on […] More

  • Nissan-NV350-Caravan-Office-Pod-Concept-Stuff-Detective


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    Nissan NV350 Caravan Office Pod Concept

    As early as 2018, Nissan called on Studio Hardie, an environmentally friendly design company in the UK, to help transform its e-NV200 electric truck into a fully equipped mobile office equipment called “WORKSPACe”. Today, the Japanese manufacturer has returned to its 2018 concept, built the latest rolling office around the sixth-generation NV350 caravan, and assigned […] More

  • Novitec-Ferrari-F8-Tributo-Stuff-Detective
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    Novitec Ferrari F8 Tributo

    Although Ferrari will tell you that every car that leaves Maranello is perfect, Novitec will be different-their results support their claims. The Ferrari F8 Tributo is considered one of the best cars in Ferrari‘s long history, and it has an excellent twin-turbo V8. Thanks to some electronic wizards, Novitec got 82 horsepower from the electric […] More

  • sondors-metacycle-stuff-detective
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    Sondors Metacycle Electric Motorcycle

    The new electric car startup Sondors has just launched the cheap electric commuter motorcycles we have been waiting for. The game-changing Sondors Metacycle is a $5,000 city commuter with a range of 80 miles, a weight of only 200 pounds, a replaceable 4,000-watt battery, and a top speed of 80 miles per hour. The battery […] More

  • Land-Rover-Defender-Spec-1-2-By-Ares-Design-Stuff-Detective
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    Land Rover Defender Spec 1.2 By Ares Design

    Today, Ares Design may be known for its high-octane supercar modifications and wild one-off retro construction, but please don’t forget the company’s feature: passenger car construction. With its Wami Lalique Spyder project driving the car world into madness, Ares is taking an absolutely low-key approach this time. But this is not to say that it […] More

  • watchy-e-paper-watch-stuff-detective
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    Watchy E-Paper Watch

    Former pebble lovers have reason to be happy. Just like the predecessor of the barebones system, Squarofumi’s “Watchy” is stripping off the bells of today’s smartwatches to provide a more simplified version. It has an electronic paper screen that provides a resolution of 200×200 to display clear monochrome images and does not require night charging. […] More

  • lima-cabin-stuff-detective



    Lima Cabin

    Designed by Iranian architects Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade (Mohammad Hossein Rabbani Zade) and Mohammad Mahmoodiye (Mohammad Mahmoodiye), this modern minimalist cottage is a dream place. The stunning Lima cabin will be built in Mazandaran Province in Iran’s Chelav Mountains. The idea for the Lima cabin project is based on the form of the mountains surrounding […] More

  • 2021-Polaris-RZR-Trail-and-Trail-S-Stuff-Detective
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    2021 Polaris RZR Trail and Trail S

    Since the launch of RZR (called “Ranger RZR” at the time) in 2008, Polaris‘s compact and robust UTV has been leading the market segment in terms of original performance and convenience. In 2021, the Minnesota-based brand hopes to maintain this trend by releasing the new Polaris 50-inch RZR Trail and 60-inch RZR Trail S. Both […] More

  • Sony-Vision-S-Prototype-Car-Stuff-Detective
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    Sony Vision-S Prototype Electric Car

    Sony’s first electric car is no longer just an idea. Its rolling prototype is being tested on public roads in Austria. The prototype has 40 sensors and advanced autonomous driving functions, as well as in-car passenger monitoring, air updates and 5G connectivity. The Sony Vision-S is equipped with a dashboard display and a display installed […] More

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