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The All-New BMW M4 GT3 EVO: Taking GT Racing to the Next Level

The world of GT racing is about to get even more exciting with the introduction of the all-new BMW M4 GT3 EVO. This highly anticipated evolution of the already championship-winning M4 GT3 boasts a series of improvements designed to maximize performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Building on Success

The standard M4 GT3 has been a dominant force on the track since its debut in 2020, accumulating over 125 podiums, nearly 75 race wins, and an impressive 9 championship titles. The BMW M4 GT3 EVO takes all that winning DNA and pushes it even further.

Customer Focused Enhancements

Developed with extensive customer feedback in mind, the M4 GT3 EVO prioritizes two key areas: aerodynamics and weight reduction. A comprehensive aerodynamic package featuring an adjustable front splitter, new aero mirrors, a massive rear diffuser, and a wider body kit with multi-plane side skirts combine to generate significant downforce, keeping the car glued to the track.

State-of-the-Art Powertrain

At the heart of the BMW M4 GT3 EVO lies a motorsport-proven 3.0-liter P58 twin-turbocharged straight-six engine. This powerhouse delivers a staggering 590 horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque, channeled through a robust X-Trac six-speed gearbox with an electro-hydraulic clutch.

Precision Handling

The M4 GT3 EVO tackles corners with unmatched precision thanks to a fully adjustable KW Motorsport suspension setup, an easier-to-adjust differential, and upgraded anti-roll bars. The braking system has also received an overhaul, featuring massive 390mm front rotors with six-piston calipers and 380mm rear rotors with four-piston calipers, ensuring exceptional stopping power.

Lightweight Design

Weight reduction is a crucial factor in racing, and the BMW M4 GT3 EVO doesn’t disappoint. The extensive use of carbon fiber, combined with a new cathodic dip coating process for the livery, helps shed precious pounds from the car’s overall weight.

Modern Aesthetics

The M4 GT3 EVO boasts a striking visual design that incorporates the classic BMW M Motorsport colors – red, white, and blue – in a contemporary pixelated pattern. The exposed carbon fiber sections throughout the car further enhance its aggressive look.

Ready to Race

The M4 GT3 EVO is a competition-ready machine built for the most demanding GT racing circuits. The stripped-down interior features an FIA-compliant roll cage, an LM-type yoke steering wheel, a BMW M Motorsport race seat, and an adjustable pedal box for a customized driving experience.

Limited Availability

The 2025 BMW M4 GT3 EVO is a hand-built, limited-production race car available for order now. Starting at €578,000 (approximately USD 626,500), this ultimate racing machine will surely be a top contender in the 2025 season and beyond. Visit the BMW M website for more details.

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