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Loeva Transparent Stand-Up Paddle

This wonderful Loeva Stand-Up Paddle is completely transparent and thus allows you to fully see underwater! So if you are traveling in some crystal clear waters, you will never miss the beautiful and cool things underneath you again. Loeva‘s stylish “Le StandUp” panel is made with Altuglas ShieldUp, a special nano-structured acrylic glass that is almost as transparent as crystal and provides unmatched protection against impacts, scratches, and cleaning products. The panel’s ability to provide a perfect combination of lightness and performance is made possible by the carbon structure used in aviation, which manages to hold everything together. The double row of LEDs underneath can illuminate underwater up to a depth of 15m. Think about the experiences you can have with this transparent Loeva Stand-Up Paddle! A wonderful adventure awaits you, such as walking on water while admiring the underwater universe. Click for detailed information.


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