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Among all of today’s full-size luxury SUVs, few vehicles feel as much off-road flair as BMW‘s X5, even on the showroom floor. Realizing this, renowned automotive concept artist Carlos Pecino (colorponge) decided to turn a fourth-generation X5 into a hardcore desert racer.

The Spanish-born but London-based artist has completely overhauled the design of the vehicle, starting with a 3D model of a new G05 X5. It left part of the hull and little else in its place. Now with an exoskeleton-style roof, the X5 now features a raised suspension setup that sits on a set of custom-designed wheels covered with BFG tires. Hugely widening fenders front and rear now provide the necessary space to accommodate larger wheels and tires and their increased suspension travel.

The exterior is concealed by small M Racing logos and a multi-toned matte finish, while the interior features a full roll cage, racing seats, and an array of LED light bars positioned above the windshield. The build also includes a side-exit exhaust assembly, quick-release body mounts, custom front, and rear steel bumpers, LED strip headlights housed in the X5‘s stock enclosures, an integrated light bar housed in the mini front splitter, and where the luxury SUV’s rear seats once were. It also has a positioned full-size spare wheel.

While this work is the latest addition to the Make Haste Corp (M.H.C.) project by Carlos Pecino and Ash Thorp, they plan to release half a dozen more renders before the series is complete. M.H.C. Be sure to check out both Thorp’s and colorponge‘s social media channels for


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