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Living Vehicle CyberTrailer: Off-Grid Luxury for the Tesla Cybertruck Fan

The future of road trips is here, and it’s electric. Living Vehicle, a company known for its sustainable and luxurious trailers designed for EVs, has unveiled its latest innovation: the CyberTrailer. This isn’t your average camper; the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer is a masterpiece of design and engineering, built specifically to complement the Tesla Cybertruck‘s bold aesthetics and electric capabilities.

Matching Metal and Maximum Autonomy

Standing tall at over 7.5 feet, the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer mirrors the Cybertruck‘s sharp, neo-retro design. Its stainless steel body with exposed rivets and angled roofline seamlessly extends the truck’s futuristic look. The trailer even rides on wheels modeled after the Cybertruck‘s and features matching black accents and red LED lighting elements.

But the CyberTrailer isn’t just about looks; it’s about self-sufficiency. Living Vehicle has always prioritized off-grid living, and the CyberTrailer takes it a step further. A comprehensive solar panel array on the roof and sides (which cleverly retracts to expose windows when parked) generates power, while an onboard water-from-air creation and recycling unit provides fresh water. This means your off-grid adventures are limited only by your food supplies.

Luxury on the Go

While details about the CyberTrailer‘s interior haven’t been revealed yet, considering Living Vehicle‘s pedigree, expect nothing short of modern luxury. Previous models boast full-sized kitchens with refrigerators, state-of-the-art technology, and Apple iPad control systems. One confirmed feature is a fold-out patio for enjoying the outdoors, and a gear-hauler ramp for all your adventure essentials.

Beyond the Cybertruck

Though designed to match the Cybertruck perfectly, the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer isn’t limited to Tesla’s electric pickup. It can be towed by other EVs like the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T models, or even gas-powered trucks, although they won’t benefit from the trailer’s charging capabilities.

Ready to Hit the Road with the Living Vehicle CyberTrailer?

Reservations for the 2025 Living Vehicle CyberTrailer are now open with a refundable $100 deposit. Starting at $175,000, deliveries are expected to begin sometime in 2025. So, if you’re looking to combine sustainable adventure with luxurious comfort, the CyberTrailer might be your perfect off-grid companion. Visit the Living Vehicle website for more details.

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