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Tesla Cyberquad for Kids ATV

It’s not just a coincidence that you’re starting to see plenty of Model S in your area. Tesla has been quietly rolling out for years. Of all the crazy, high-end inventions that Elon Musk managed to unleash while he was running the Austin-based company, this vehicle is without a doubt the most intriguing. Cyberquad for Kids, the brand’s recently launched ATV inspired by the Cybertruck and a scaled-down version of it, is suitable for anyone over the age of eight and under 68kg.

Weighing in at around 55kg, this stylish ATV is a few pounds off the full-size Cyberquad. With a full steel frame and LED light bars, its design is absolutely exciting. Kids and adults alike will be amazed when they realize the power the younger generation of Cybertruck has to offer. The most impressive aspect is that Cyberquad for Kids can offer range values ​​exceeding 24km with a top speed of 16km/h when powered by a lithium-ion battery. The performance features of Cyberquad for Kids are supported by tuned suspension and rear disc braking. This ensures that this undeniably cool toy not only looks good but also operates at peak efficiency.

Of course, as soon as this shiny new Tesla product went on sale, it sold out in a heartbeat. Although it doesn’t actually have a very cheap price tag, it’s still worth every cent of the $1,900 requested. If you want to learn more about Cyberquad for Kids, click here.


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