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Vanarama Apple Car Consept

The Apple Car has been a topic of discussion for nearly a decade at this point, as countless concepts have sprung up on forums like wildfire over the years. With little knowledge of what to expect, the automotive experts at Vanarama have tried to provide the closest view of what the final vehicle might actually look like.

With a design vaguely reminiscent of Tesla‘s Cybertruck, the futuristic elements of the Apple Car certainly offer a little more content and usability. In fact, what Vanarama did was to come up with this design, inspired by various different patents that technology giant Apple has requested over the years. Beneath the glass roof of the Vanarama Apple Car is the iPhone-inspired two-button door handles, a glossy grille similar to the one found on the Mac Pro, and a set of beautifully thought-out doors that lead to an awe-inspiring interior. With Siri integrated into the steering wheel and an incredibly large yet customizable instrument cluster display, driving this vehicle offers practically everything the new Macbook Pro has to offer. The car’s two front seats, both of which can rotate 180 degrees, are equally impressive, suggesting that we should expect Apple Car to offer autonomous driving.

It doesn’t look like Apple‘s automotive plans will take shape in the very near future, but designs like this offer some hope that it could at least be a little sooner than we think. After years of setting the standard in technology, many people expect them to do the same in an entirely new field. Just don’t expect them to do it too soon, you’ll be sorry. Click here for detailed information.


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