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SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition

Level 1 RV is not cool. Do you know what’s cool? RV has two levels. Probably this is the idea behind SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition, a wild new RV with a retractable second floor and elevator leading to it.

SAIC Maxus is a Chinese manufacturer of recreational vehicles, and their Life Home V90 is a high-performance recreational vehicle, the price is about $ 71,000. However, its standard form does not have any “awesome” factors, which is the purpose of Villa Edition. The ultra-luxury camper has a fully equipped living room, bathroom, and fully equipped kitchen on the second floor, while the second floor which can be reached again by a functioning elevator-has a glass-enclosed tea room/study and an open-air terrace. The exterior of SAIC is also very smooth, with customized LED lighting and “multi-color phantom geometric space laminated glaze color coating”, which, according to SAIC Maxus, enhances the artistic and futuristic sense of RV. You can learn more about Life Home V90 Villa Edition on the SAIC Maxus website.


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