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Bobcat T7X Electric Loader

Electric heavy-duty equipment is nothing new, but Bobcat‘s recently revealed T7X loader is classified as the world’s first all-electric loader of its kind. The T7X not only uses electric propulsion but also uses electric actuators instead of a hydraulic system to operate its moving parts. Thus, the Bobcat T7X can handle only one liter of coolant, instead of the approximately 215 liters of hydraulic fluid used in conventional models.

The Bobcat T7X is driven by a load sensing controller that only uses as much torque as is required for the current load. Thus, it can reach up to four hours of continuous use. Other advantages can be listed as reduced maintenance and fuel costs, the ability to work indoors, and the ability to select a specific operator program for the job. It is said to be available for rental in 2022 through a partnership with Sunbelt Rentals. If you want to learn more about Bobcat‘s electric loader T7X, click here.

World's First Electric Track Loader | Bobcat T7X

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