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HİDROMEK’s 100% Electric Wheel Excavator HICON 7 W

HİDROMEK, with the aim of specializing in electric vehicles of the future, has created HICON as a sub-brand for this category.

Smart and ecofriendly HICON 7 W was developed as a 100% electric city excavator in line with this purpose. HICON 7 W, reducing environmental impact with its zero-emission, can be easily used with its compact dimensions in many corners of the city.

HICON stores its energy in new generation Lithium-ion batteries. It uses its energy 97% efficiently due to its electric motor. It spends less energy than the vehicles with conventional diesel engines. Thus, its maintenance costs are also much lower than the others. Continuously use for 8 hours with a full charge.

The highest priority of HICON is the safety of the people around it. HICON, which fully adapts to the city life through its smart features, is in communication with its surroundings while working due to its rear information screen and lighting system.

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