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Color Changing BMW iX Flow

Over the years we’ve been surfing the internet to find and bring you the coolest and most glamorous stuff, we sometimes come across some truly extraordinary and jaw-dropping situations. We haven’t seen anything more impressive lately than this color-changing BMW. With the touch of a button, you can change the body color of the vehicle in a matter of seconds! The game-changing BMW iX Flow has a color-changing exterior using E-Ink technology.

A fascinating kit that allows the car to change from white to black, with shades of gray in between, and allows the driver to match his car according to his style or weather conditions. Essentially, the technology used in the BMW iX Flow coating is the same paper-thin technology found in e-Readers with millions of tiny human hair-sized microcapsules that move and change depending on the electromagnetic field to which they are exposed.

Although black and white transitions are used in the current situation, it is also possible to choose any two colors. In the not-too-distant future, this innovative color-changing option will also be available in mass-produced models, making the task of security forces even more difficult. Click here if you want more information. Do not miss watching the video below.

BMW iX Flow E Ink - How To Change The Color of Your BMW

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