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Honda 0 Series: A Glimpse into Honda’s Future of Sustainable Mobility

In a groundbreaking move at CES, Honda unveiled its much-anticipated 0 Series of Electric Vehicle (EV) concepts, featuring the Saloon and the Space-Hub. Representing a significant shift toward sustainable mobility, these futuristic models showcase Honda’s commitment to innovation, human-centric design, and environmental responsibility.

Honda 0 Series Saloon Concept: Redefining EV Luxury

The flagship Saloon places a strong emphasis on a human-centric driving experience, boasting an interior layout that minimizes machine interference while maximizing the connection between the driver and the vehicle. Honda achieves this by using sustainable materials and incorporating the latest advancements in autonomous driving and battery technology.

The Saloon‘s sleek design incorporates a futuristic wedge shape, a sloping roofline, flared fenders, and distinctive five-arm wheels, giving it a visually striking and aerodynamic appeal. Inside, sport-inspired seats and a yoke-style steering wheel contribute to the overall futuristic ambiance.

Honda claims that the Saloon will revolutionize the charging experience, capable of receiving an impressive 15% to 80% charge within just 10 to 15 minutes. Additionally, the EV’s battery pack is expected to maintain exceptional longevity, with a targeted 10% loss in capacity after a full decade of use.

Space-Hub: Bridging the Gap Between Minivan and Sedan

The Space-Hub, another concept in the 0 Series lineup, presents an innovative blend of a minivan and a sedan. Its reconfigurable interior caters to various needs, accommodating both passengers and cargo for private or commercial transportation. The interior resembles a boutique lounge, setting it apart from conventional vehicle cabins.

Honda’s Vision: The Power of Dreams and Sustainability

The Honda 0 Series embodies the company’s core values of innovation and sustainability. Honda aims for “zero environmental impact” throughout the vehicle’s life cycle and envisions “zero traffic collision fatalities” involving its motorcycles and automobiles.

The introduction of the new “H mark” exclusively for Honda’s next-generation EVs symbolizes the company’s commitment to going beyond its origins, embracing new challenges, and constant advancement.

In 2026, Honda plans to launch the first model of the 0 Series globally, starting in North America and expanding to Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and South America. The move aligns with Honda President Toshihiro Mibe’s vision of “Thin, Light, and Wise” EV development, emphasizing an attractive design, aerodynamic performance, and a focus on the joy of driving.

The Honda 0 Series represents not just a leap into the future of mobility but a commitment to creating a new standard for sustainable, enjoyable driving experiences. Click here for more details.

Honda 0 Series Saloon

Honda 0 Series Space-Hub

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