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Exploring the Outdoors with Canada’s Wilderness Vans Grid Mini Camper

Canada’s Wilderness Vans has redefined off-road adventures with its compact and versatile camper, the Grid Mini. Built on a smaller chassis, this 22.5-foot camper is tailor-made for those seeking rugged exploration in remote areas. Let’s delve into the features that make the Grid Mini an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

The Grid Mini‘s compact size doesn’t compromise on maneuverability. With a 4×4 capability and 40-inch tires, it is designed to navigate challenging terrains with ease. The shortened motorhome box ensures better ground clearance, making it perfect for off-road adventures. Whether you’re a hunter or an explorer, the Grid Mini is built to handle the toughest conditions.

Inside, the camper boasts a thoughtfully designed interior that maximizes functionality. The Victron Stage 4 electrical package ensures a reliable power supply, while the Webasto gas heater keeps you warm in colder climates. The retractable shower and concealed pull-out toilet add convenience to your backcountry experience. The well-equipped kitchen, featuring a VITRIFIGO refrigerator, SUBURBAN induction cooktop, and RUVATI stainless steel sink, provides all the amenities for a comfortable camping trip.

The camper’s floor plan, based on the 2023 F-550 SD XLT Regular Cab, showcases a sleek design with Black and Hawaii Blue laminate, Bamboo countertops, and Dark Grey Heather and Graphite fabrics. The Lippert Stilo Sliding Support For Table and JOLLY FLIP-UP TABLE ARM BLACK enhance the practicality of the interior layout.

With features like MAXXFAN DELUXE 7500K, LIPPERT VIRGOLA FOLDING STEP LADDER 3 STEP, and Broad Arrow Flat Windows, the Grid Mini is equipped for a seamless outdoor experience. The inclusion of a THETFORD PORTA POTTI 365 and COMET WASTEWATER (GREY) DIN96 SCREW RING CAP WITH 1M HOSE adds convenience to your camping lifestyle.

In summary, Canada’s Wilderness VansGrid Mini is a compact powerhouse, blending maneuverability, ruggedness, and thoughtful design to offer a memorable off-road camping experience. Click here for more details.

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