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Wolfgang LA Thundertruck Consept

As the high-performance pickup truck and off-road vehicle markets continue to grow in popularity, we’re starting to see more and more impressive turnkey off-road models. Wolfgang LA‘s “Thundertruck” concept, a multi-purpose electric all-terrain vehicle that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds, really creates a technological leap in its field.

Thundertruck, which has a Cybertruck-like design; features a full-size sliding galley, integrated extendable vehicle loading ramps and folding steps, an oversized bed, built-in roof tent, innovative HD roof rack, and a host of storage space systems. It is powered by solar panels that fold and unfold in an unusual way and a 180kW battery that offers a range of 400-miles (643 km). Thus, the belly of twin-engine powertrains is always full.

Range Extender Unit

The Thundertruck‘s futuristic cabin features a head-up display and a central holographic display that receives real-time information from an onboard drone that can be deployed to this electric off-roader. Not to mention the Range Extender Unit, a battery pack and storage piece that rides on its own axle and wheelset, attaching to the rear end of the EV, transforming it into a 6×6. Able to act as a mobile power bank to charge other devices, the Range Extender Unit not only supports a range of over 560-miles (900km) per charge but can increase torque by 50% (up to 1,200ft-lbs (1632Nm)) and horsepower by 17.5% (up to 980hp). Thus, it also brings the traction and load capacity from 7,500lbs (3500kg) to about 1,100lbs (5000kg).

Thundertruck is still a concept but ready for production

Currently, the Thundertruck is only in design form, but given that the vast majority of its technology and features are already available, there’s no reason why the EV shouldn’t be built in real life if Wolfgang gets the necessary support.

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