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ICC Offroad FlexCamp Camper

Recently, we see that many state-of-the-art campers have taken their place in the market. Whenever a new design is offered for sale, we witness a whirlwind effect among other companies in the market. Germany-based ICC Offroad, one of the many manufacturers in the field, has managed to attract our attention over and over again with the camper designs they have introduced before. They want to do this once again with the FlexCamp concept, which can accommodate an adventuring crew of four.

FlexCamp blooms like a flower

Built to withstand any season and terrain imaginable, the FlexCamp RV‘s primary purpose is to serve as an ideal all-terrain camper. Drawing on the bidirectional expansion system of its former campers, the FlexCamp grows 2-3 meters (79-120″) high and 2-3.32 meters (80-131″) wide, while maintaining its length of 4.44 meters (175″).

This expandability helps support its upholstered interior, which offers 75-liter clean and wastewater tanks, a double bed, a pull-out dry toilet, an integrated floor drain, stove, sink and 50L refrigerator, as well as a double-burner indoor kitchen. . While it sure looks like it could deliver a great experience in this respect, ICC‘s sketches show that it should be able to mount seamlessly into the back end of a turntable or even directly into a turntable’s chassis. Complete with 360-degree exterior lighting, ICC‘s newest RV will be hard to miss.

No exact date for production

With additional options such as interior lighting and air conditioning, FlexCamp looks like it was designed entirely to your liking. Although there is no word on when it will hit the market, the final model is expected to be developed by 2022. Click here if you want more information.


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