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2021 Adventure Truck Offroad Caravan

We’ve been climbing the wave of popularity of off-road vehicles lately. Companies in the industry offer some great deals, big and small, to add comfort and convenience to your planned offroad camper adventures. On the big offers side of the spectrum, we see a giant camper called the 2021 Adventure Truck developed by the Global Expedition Vehicles team.

Designed to tackle almost any terrain, the 2021 Adventure Truck lives up to its name as it was built using the massive 2004 Ford F750 truck chassis. GXV outfitted the F750 chassis with a 3.8m long and 2.28m wide GXV fiberglass composite molded reconnaissance body. The 2021 Adventure Truck features double-glazed windows for enhanced insulation, as well as integrated shutters and screens.

What’s inside?

Among the storage options offered for you to carry almost all the adventure equipment you need; It features a passenger-side storage locker with a side access door, a rear stowage door for ample under-bed storage, a roof rack mounted on the front of the scout, and five integrated underbody storage bins. Coming to the interior of the 2021 Adventure Truck, we find that it has a large dining area and a full kitchenette with a stainless steel sink, a single-burner induction hob, overhead storage shelves, and a refrigerator. Let’s add that the cabin has a raised sleeping area with a full bed, as well as a wet bath with a shower and Thetford swivel cassette toilet. A robust Mastervolt electrical system, along with 600w solar panels and plenty of power outlets, is the kind that can meet your energy needs.

2021 Adventure Truck also has many accessories. These include a rear-mounted hanger for carrying your bikes, passenger and driver-side awnings with front edge protectors, and even a security camera system. If you want to learn more about this vehicle, which was developed for those who want to embark on a comfortable adventure, you can check out the website of Global Expedition Vehicles.


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