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Maeving RM1 Retro E-Bike

The lightweight electric motorcycle market has been swarming with a number of startups competing for a piece of this increasingly popular space over the past few years. A fledgling firm that managed to stand out from the crowd in this arena made its debut with what they called the RM1. The name of this brave firm based in the UK is Maeving.

Inspired by mid-century British-built standards, the RM1 is a bobber-style e-bike with an electric motor that delivers a top speed of 45mph (73kph). Although each motorcycle is sold with only one battery, its units can be replaced and you can fully charge the batteries in 3.5 hours from any socket, offering a range of approximately 40 miles (65km). When you want to buy Maeving, you can also buy a second battery. Thus, by doubling the range of your RM1, you can reach a range of approximately 80 miles (130km). Alongside a diamond-stitched bobber-style seat, other highlights of this retro-inspired two-wheeler include end-to-end LED lighting, bar-end mirrors, Bosch ABS, connectivity to a dedicated mobile app that includes electronic tracking, geofencing, and integrated warning lights. It features a single round speedometer.

The original RM1 version is already sold out, but those interested can sign up to inquire about the next production batch in 2022. Produced in seven different color options, the Maeving RM1 is protected by a two-year factory warranty. If you would like to get detailed information about the RM1 electric motorcycle, which also has two limited maximum speeds of 28mph (45kph) and 45mph (73 kph), click here.

Maeving: Meet the RM1

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