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Super73 C1X Electric Motorcycle

Since the Super73‘s launch in 2016, it has had a devastating impact on the two-wheeler market. Lightweight, easy to use and electric motorcycles have been the reason for preference as a good alternative to traditional motorcycles that do not require a license, registration, insurance, or prior experience. While this California company has made some truly impressive strides in its short history, it was without a doubt its biggest leap forward to a date with the introduction of the Super73, the C1X electric motorcycle concept.

Balancing customers’ demands for a street-legal motorcycle with the need to retain their characteristic maneuverability was a difficult task for the Super73. It can be seen that they have achieved success in this work with the C1X. Still in the concept stage, the C1X will offer a top speed of over 120km/h. As such, it will require a license, insurance, and driver’s license. With a seat height of just 78cm and a wheelbase of just 129cm, this handsome motorcycle has compact 15″ wheels. While its exact specifications have not been revealed yet, we have learned that the C1X can be charged up to 80% in less than an hour, enough to offer a range of around 160km. You can make a reservation now for $73 for this electric city bike, which is scheduled to begin production in late 2023. For more information, click here.


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