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Airstream eStream Trailer

There are great towable campers and there are Airstream campers. The Ohio-based camper manufacturer’s iconic aluminum campervans are a favorite with outdoor enthusiasts and design enthusiasts alike and have long been seen as the standard-setter for making the perfect travel trailer. As the world continues to embrace the ever-growing electric vehicle paradigm shift, caravan and automotive companies are finding groundbreaking ways to build all-electric models of their products while improving their technique and performance capabilities. Putting all of this together, it was unthinkable for Airstream to be left out, of course. Here is eStream, a new electric travel trailer concept that will definitely make a big impact.

The future of towable RVing

At first glance, the eStream looks like standard Airstream campers with that familiar shiny silver exterior. But once you take a look inside the trailer and its specs, you’ll be convinced that this is indeed the next step in the evolution of the iconic trailer brand. The eStream concept is built on the high-voltage electric chassis of the parent company Thor Industries, using self-propelled technology consisting of independent motors and high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. In other words, this trailer, thanks to its ability to accelerate on its own, allow the vehicle towing it to consume less fuel. It is also stated that the aerodynamic design of the eStream reduces drag during movement.

Probably the coolest feature of eStream is that you can move it around with your phone regardless of your car. The trailer also features high-capacity battery technology that accurately monitors your batteries’ power levels down to mileage, along with an integrated Amazon Alexa system to offer a voice-controlled living space.

Self-sufficient travel trailer

Adding eStream‘s built-in rooftop solar panels that generate power to this already stacked array of innovations, we realize that we are faced with the concept of a self-sufficient travel trailer where you can stay out of the city for a long time.

Thanks to a digital interface that contributes to the usability of this already lethal concept, you can access all the information you need about your caravan. Airstream has not yet shared any information on when the eStream concept will be produced, but we can safely say that this concept and other similar models will soon revolutionize caravan parks.

You should definitely watch the videos below. Click here if you want more information.

Meet the Airstream eStream Concept
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