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Winnebago e-RV Concept Camper Van

The wave of all-electric vehicles is growing by the day. While the electrification of automobiles has already been widely embraced by manufacturers, the recreational vehicle space has only just begun to take off as companies in the industry pour their resources into creating sustainable campers. This new paradigm shift coincides with a rise in the popularity of motorhomes and campers, fueling companies’ ability to make electric offerings. One of the companies that has already made waves in this field is Winnebago, which has just introduced its first electric caravan concept.

Winnebago arrived at the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow with the e-RV concept, a major first for the American camper market. The Winnebago e-RV is much more than just an electrical conversion. Lacking an all-electric chassis at the moment, Winnebago had to go to eLightning Motors in Colorado to convert a Ford Transit using an 86kW battery pack, 350 volt and 110 volt electrical systems. The 350-volt circuit will power high-demand appliances like the water heater, while the 110-volt will power the induction cooker and refrigerator. Winnebago estimates it can offer a 45-minute charge time and a range of 125 miles (200km) for the e-RV. Of course, these numbers do not match the long-term expectations of motorhome owners, but they could be a good first step towards launching electric motorhomes. Click here if you want more information.


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