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Coast Electric RV: Luxury and Sustainability on the Road

Looking for a modern and sustainable way to travel? Look no further than the Coast Electric RV. With its all-electric design, off-grid capabilities, and eco-friendly features, Coast offers a luxurious and sustainable travel experience like no other.

Luxury and Functionality in One Package

Coast Electric RV combines beautiful design and modern technology to create a luxurious and functional travel experience. The interior features Smeg brand Italian appliances and Starlink mobile WIFI, providing travelers with all the creature comforts of a smart home on the go. And with panoramic windows, stunning design, and ultra-premium finishes, Coast offers a beautiful and comfortable space to call home no matter where your adventures take you.

Off-Grid Capabilities and Eco-Friendly Features

Coast Electric RV is also an off-grid powerhouse, with 1360 watts of solar power and 810 Ah of lithium battery banks. This makes it one of the most capable RVs in its category. Additionally, the RV features Havelock Wool insulation to keep the cabin cool in the summer and warm in the winter, as well as a water-saving Nebia by Moen shower head and a Laveo Dry Flush toilet that eliminates the need for dealing with blackwater or sewage.

Explore Anytime, Anywhere

Coast Electric RV provides a safe and comfortable home on the road all year round, no matter where you go. The RV’s fully insulated cabin and underbelly, along with its beautiful gloss black and white exterior, make it the perfect travel companion for modern travelers who value comfort, luxury, and sustainability. Click here for more details.

Coast: All Electric Luxury RV - Launch Party
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