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Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van: The Future of Eco-Friendly RV Adventures

In response to the global shift towards all-electric vehicles, renowned camper manufacturer Winnebago has risen to the challenge and introduced their latest innovation – the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van. This cutting-edge camper boasts a fully electric power system that not only aligns with the eco-conscious trends of the automotive industry but also offers an array of impressive features for an unparalleled travel experience.

Compact Comfort and Versatility

The Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van is constructed around the sturdy RAM ProMaster cargo van, allowing it to embody the creature comforts and features of full-sized RVs within a remarkably compact package. With its ingeniously designed interior, the camper offers a spacious kitchen and dinette that can easily convert into a comfortable sleeping area, accommodating up to four adults. Additionally, the camper’s aft-end opens up to reveal a versatile rear changing room and wet bath, complete with a shower, sink, cabinet, and removable toilet, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable travel experience.

Revolutionary Electrical and Battery Systems

The true innovation lies within the Solis Pocket 36B‘s electrical and battery systems. Equipped with the Power Kit Pro energy system, which combines a compact 5-kWh Lithium-ion main house battery with a proprietary five-in-one power management controller, this camper is ready to conquer off-grid adventures. A 190-watt solar array feeds the onboard 12-volt and 110-AC outlets, providing as much as 3,600 watts of power. With this robust setup, the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van can remain off-grid for up to an impressive 72 hours. This state-of-the-art power system is the result of a successful collaboration between Winnebago and EcoFlow, a California-based firm renowned for its expertise in power banks, charging stations, and solar generators.

Stylish and Available Soon

Available in eye-catching color options such as Bright White, Deep Cherry Red, or Ceramic Gray, the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van is set to hit the market in the coming weeks, with pricing starting from $140,375. Its sleek design and advanced technology make it an attractive option for adventurers seeking a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient way to explore the great outdoors.

In conclusion, the Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B Camper Van sets a new standard for eco-friendly travel with its fully electric power system and innovative features. It combines the convenience of a compact camper with the luxuries of a full-sized RV, making it an excellent choice for adventurous souls seeking a versatile and sustainable travel companion. Click here for more details.

Quick Tour of the New Winnebago Solis Pocket 36B
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