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THOR Vision Vehicle Electric RV

Another day and another groundbreaking innovation in the caravan space. The trailer industry is enjoying a record-breaking rise in popularity amid the pandemic. With the continuing electric current, we are seeing technological breakthroughs with a frequency never seen before. After capturing the imaginations of enthusiasts around the world with the all-electric Airstream e-Stream, THOR Industries continues its momentum by launching yet another innovative campervan that is ready to usher in a new era of recreational vehicles. And here is the THOR Vision Vehicle.

THOR Vision Vehicle offers a range of 300 miles

A camper straight from the future, the THOR Vision Vehicle is the company’s most versatile, comfortable, and high-tech concept to date. One of the most notable innovations of this electric camper concept is the combination of an integrated fuel cell and high-capacity battery pack, providing a range of approximately 300 miles (482km) per charge. THOR Vision aims to make the travel process as smooth as possible with its new “push-to-cockpit” feature that allows users to plan their trips through a smart app.

In addition, the THOR Vision has a host of great technological upgrades to increase user-friendliness on the roof. One of the most notable additions is a digital cockpit integrated with smart technology to make travel planning more intuitive. What’s even cooler is that this smart tech is compatible with Amazon‘s Alexa, and many features, from voice commands to the entertainment system, can be controlled. All these improvements are controlled by a next-generation digital power management system that increases charging capabilities, monitors your range, and even finds charging stations for you via its smart app.

THOR Industries has yet to give a release date

Along with all these great features, THOR Vision Vehicle also has a range of stylish furniture and storage solutions to maximize comfort and efficiency. THOR Industries has yet to give a release date for the Vision Vehicle, but we can assume we’ll hear more news around 2022. Click here if you want more information.

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