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Lume Traveler Caravan

Lume Traveler is undoubtedly one of the most stylish caravan designs we’ve seen. This wonderful caravan has an aluminum exterior and includes teak flooring, natural wool felt, and leather walls, folding felt curtains, a TV and sound system, double bed. There is also a roof panel where you can fill the fresh air inside when you open it, which will allow you to fully watch the sky and have a more tent-like experience in all aspects. In addition to all this, let’s not forget that there is also a 100-watt solar panel that will support operating your built-in equipment and personal electronic equipment. When you lift the back of the caravan to bring your outdoor living experience to the top, the outdoor kitchen with cabinets, PITT Cooking gas burners, and a 40-liter refrigerator appear. With all these abilities, it is up to you to embark on brand new adventures with the Lume Traveler caravan, welcome your guests in the view and dining room offered by nature in your open kitchen, or listen to yourself. If you want to get more detailed information about the caravan available in two different sizes, click here.

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