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Offline Campers Domino

We may only have one year and three months, but we have seen more than campers. From all-electric teardrops to a two-story RV to a trophy truck inspired by yachts, there is no shortage of innovative products that are expected to revolutionize your mobile accommodation experience. Moreover, what makes the field more confusing is the latest model of Offline Campers.

They call it a “Domino”, which is actually a compact towing design that can go from a trailer to a camper at the push of a button. In “travel mode”, a pair of back doors gives you access to the internal bed and storage space, making it an efficient setting for short stays. However, if you need a more spacious residence, you can automatically deploy the electric accessory tent from the rear hatch to provide another two meters (6.6 feet) of coverage. And dominoes are more than just a cool party trick. It is equipped with a queen-size bed, a slide-out kitchen, a 105-liter water tank and a 200Ah battery powered by solar panels. It has everything needed to solve the grid problem. This is also a good thing, because its steel chassis and Cruisemaster XT dual shock independent suspension will take you there. Its starting price is $50,000. Click here for more details about the Offline Campers Domino.


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