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TruckHouse Tacoma TRD Pro Expedition Camper

Designed to take you and your crew to a world adventure, TruckHouse BCT is very suitable for today’s nomads. TruckHouse, a Nevada start-up company, has turned the latest Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro into a compact beast of an all-terrain adventure vehicle, filling the gap between large land vehicles and 4×4 trucks. The company uses ultra-light construction technology borrowed from the aerospace and marine industries to manufacture its chassis-mounted carbon fiber reinforced composite monocoque camper, and gives you all the conveniences you expect in a modern home.

There are four sleepers inside, a queen-size bed in the wall co, a wrap-around sofa and a dining table (convertible into a double bed) at the back, a wet bathroom with toilet bowl and a kitchen with stove, sink and refrigerator. There are also double-pane windows throughout the room, and a large skylight will help bring in natural light and make relatively small campers feel much larger than they actually are. There are passes from truck cabs to campers, and services provided include optional 32-inch LED TVs in articulated arms, heated floors, 12V AC, outdoor speakers, awnings, etc. Each camper is customized to order, which allows each owner to customize the appearance according to their own preferences. Click here for more details about TruckHouse Expedition Camper


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