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Bird Buddy: A Smart Bird Feeder

Meet the cutting-edge bird feeder, Bird Buddy. Created by the best tech software and game experts, this smart, AI-powered feeder lets you know that a furry friend has come by. Not only that, but it also offers you photos and videos by taking them and letting you edit them all in a fun gamified mobile app. Through its camera or built-in microphone, it can recognize the bird by its appearance or singing, kind of like a Shazam app but this time for birds. Bird Buddy adds a fantastic technological feature to birdwatching that captures that magical moment because you’ll never get close to your shy feathered friends as this camera can. After recording fun enough moments, you can share them and create your own collections. Click here for more detailed information about the bird feeder Bird Buddy. Do not leave without watching the images and promotional video.

Bird Buddy (Kickstarter video)

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