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Respira Smart Garden Air Purifier

Too much time spent indoors these days, it is difficult to find time to connect with nature. This new reality is one of the driving forces of Respira (a self-sustaining smart garden), which can be used as a natural air purifier.

The working principle of Respira is similar to the standard air purifier, the only exception is green. Air enters through the top of the device, and a washable pre-filter collects dust and large particles. The filtered air passes through the hydroponic biologically active root zone of 13 kinds of customizable plant walls, whose roots capture and destroy toxins in the air. Then, the air is exhausted through the front of the device, injecting clean air into your living space, increased humidity, evaporative cooling, and connection with natural pressure relief. Maintenance is also expected to reduce stress. You only need to add water every ten days, add plant nutrients every six months, and clean the filter every few months. All other maintenance tasks are performed automatically by the machine itself, and the monitoring of plant health and air quality can also be observed through the paired Respira app. Respira natural air purifiers are now on sale on Kickstarter, with prices starting from $433.


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