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Project Hazel Smart N95 Face Mask By Razer

When we first entered the pandemic, most masks were a very simple piece of fabric. However, since then, various manufacturers from shoe companies to ski equipment suppliers have stepped up their efforts to support the provision of PPE. Therefore, we find that the development of existing products is unprecedented. But there is no such thing. In addition to the typical futuristic gaming equipment released at this year’s CES, Razer also announced an innovative N95 mask called the Project Hazel.” . In addition, it also has a built-in microphone and amplifier, the combination of the two ensures that your voice is loud and clear even if it is covered. Speaking of safety, Project Hazel has a microbial filter function in spades. A pair of rechargeable ventilators introduce cold air while also releasing the hot air generated during exhalation. The battery life is expected to be sufficient for all-day use, but the device also includes a wireless charging box for quick recharge. Oh, honestly-if you don’t bring some Chroma RBG, it’s not Razer. Click here for more details.


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