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Razer Project Sophia Gaming Desk

With the new year just getting started, tech companies are ramping up their 2022 announcements at CES from almost every angle. Given the number of concepts available to EV and gadget enthusiasts, it’s fair to say that some of the headlines will appeal to another niche audience, namely PC gamers. As SoCal-based Razer unveils the well-designed gaming desk concept Project Sophia, it’s fair to say that gamers were well received at this year’s show.

Project Sophia is a conceptual and modular game station that can be fully customized to your liking. It is capable of supporting up to 13 modules, which paves the way for additional components such as hotkey panels, secondary displays, and capture cards. The desk packs the latest Intel processor, cutting-edge NVIDIA GPU graphics, and a crisp 65-inch OLED display. But its impeccably stylish case is as impressive as its power. A Razer product, after all, this table is lined with LEDs that allow for the option to sync with the brand’s proprietary RGB ecosystem. This gives the whole table a retro-futuristic look that really puts you in the mood for gaming.

The potential of this gaming desk concept is truly endless, giving an insight into what Razer has to offer in the world of gaming and the work-from-home lifestyle. Usable by broadcasters, photo editors, and even DJs, Project Sophia is much more than a high-octane gaming unit, it’s also an incredibly versatile workstation. Or at least it will be if Razer decides to put the table into production. You can learn more about the Project Sophia gaming desk on Razer‘s website.

Project Sophia | The World's First Modular Gaming Desk Concept

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