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Garmin Fenix 7 and Epix 2 Smartwatches

Garmin has been in the smartwatch market for a while, and they haven’t disappointed anyone yet. After recently announcing the speaker-equipped Venu 2 Plus at CES, it was assumed that a respite would come. However, just weeks later, Taiwanese manufacturers refreshed their flagships Fenix ​​and Epix with some dazzling features and introduced the Fenix 7 series and Epix 2.

Fenix 7 Series

Let’s start with Garmin‘s newest and most compelling introduction, the Fenix ​​series. It has a revamped touchscreen, plenty of sports and activity options, and a boosted battery life. Let’s not forget that although they have a rough appearance for some due to solid structures, they are highly advanced technological products. Produced using precious materials such as titanium cases and sapphire crystals, Fenix ​​7 Series smartwatches are offered in three different forms: 42mm 7S, 47mm 7, and 51mm 7X. Each of the models, which offers a lifespan of up to 5 weeks in smartwatch mode, has a touch screen interface and solar energy option.

With these new models in mind, Garmin offers the opportunity to monitor all levels of effort with its brand new Real-Time Stamina technology, with athletes in mind. As a bonus, the Visual Race Predictor feature takes into account your previous running history to provide insight into your potential progress.

Garmin: Introducing the fēnix 7 Series

Epix 2

Looking at the Garmin Epix 2, it’s worth noting that it has seen some notable improvements over the previous generation, as well as greatly improving its stunning AMOLED display and 16-day battery life. According to the brand, the Epix 2 is designed to adhere to an active lifestyle as a result of 24/7 health monitoring and GPS positioning.

For anyone who wants to tackle their new year’s resolutions but is looking for more help, any of Garmin‘s new smartwatches will be a good option. The standard model of the Fenix ​​7 series is currently available on Garmin‘s website, with prices starting at $700.

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