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Razer Project Brooklyn Gaming Chair Concept

Every year, Razer releases a series of next-generation game concepts that most people think belong to the future, and this will never fail. However, although you may tend to view them as impossible wishes, it is very likely that they will go into production sooner. To be honest, to Razer, dreams look more like reality.

This time, Razer brought an ultimate gaming chair called “The Brooklyn Project” to the table. The gaming chair aims to provide a super immersive user experience-taking up as much space as a standard seating arrangement-and the most prominent feature of the design is its 60-inch OLED display. After storage, it can be conveniently hidden behind the headrest, but with the push of a button, it can be quickly deployed for users to view. Elsewhere in the chair, you will find the brand’s Hypersense Integration, an independently activated vibration module system that provides an incredibly realistic touch during gaming. Carbon fiber bucket seats, a set of convertible 4D armrests and Razer‘s Chroma RGB color personalization design make the final chair an unprecedented way to play. Click here for more details.

Project Brooklyn | Concept Gaming Chair For Next Generation Immersion


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