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Custom Star Wars Super73 RX eBike

Since the introduction of electric bicycle equipment, Super73 has called on a wide range of companies and influencers to jointly design one-off versions of its various two-wheeler products. After recently taking off the cover of the RX electric bike designed by Roland Sands, the Southern California company now showcases its latest customized electric bikes, including a Star Wars-themed building designed for actor Rahul Kohli.

Based on the RX model equipped by Irvine, Kohli’s customs are greatly inspired by the TIE fighters of Star Wars and have black paint and metallic red “Imperial Cogs”, as well as red LEDs under the lighting kit, customized Looms, Crankbrothers Stamp pedals, ODI locking handles, customized ribbed black leather Saddlemen seats, 3D printed rear wheel covers, customized resin-printed license plates and molybdenum plates that can accommodate luggage and luggage. Although Super73 has performed quite extensive visual transformations, the most noteworthy aspect of the project is still hidden under the surface. The electric scooter called “Lightsaber Technology” uses advanced control panels, motion sensors, and sound effects used by Lucasfilm prop makers, and uses Lightsaber‘s copy of the brand. Sabers Forever and Kyberphonics collaborate to integrate Lightsaber‘s iconic sound fonts. Click here for more details.

SUPER73 Custom Electric Bike made for Rahul Kohli with LightsaberTechnology

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