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BMW‘s R Series has been one of the most popular platforms for motorcycle modification and customization, with dozens of special editions being produced each year. That’s why it’s extremely difficult for a tuner to really bring something new to the table when working with one of these widely-used models. But this is exactly what Slovenian company Gas&Retro has achieved with its latest bespoke R80RT build, which is evident from the name given to the model. Here is the 1989 BMW R80RT “DIFFERENT”.

Gas&Retro definitely adds a modern flair to the platform, a modified Honda FT500 Ascot tank for BMW, a custom-made boot seat, a low-profile tail section equipped with Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 LED taillight, Öhlins suspension both front and rear, Ducati 900SS’ It has applied an inverted front end fitted with Brembo brakes borrowed from. With all this, the highlight of this custom bike is undoubtedly its improved front end. Generating the bike’s downforce, this unit is equipped with a quad aero-assisting fin setup that includes a KOSO Thunderbolt LED headlight and a cleverly integrated set of micro LEDs.

Gas&Retro also completely replaced the BMW donor’s breathing tips, equipping them with the “DIFFERENT” R Series with a set of DNA pod filters and a custom two-in-one exhaust, resulting in an Italian-made engine. Other notable additions to the project include; the features of a new Tarozzi rear set, TRW Moto handlebars, a Domino throttle, a custom wishbone plate and rear gauge bracket, a relocated battery, and digital instrumentation.

Gas&Retro‘s 1989 BMW R80RT “DIFFERENT” built in Ljubljana, Slovenia is currently available for sale on Bike Shed‘s website for €17,499 (~$19,050). Click here if you want more information.


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