Tiny Home Project By IKEA & Vox Media

Since the turn of the millennium, the tiny home movement has definitely exploded its popularity, with minimal footprint residences that fit perfectly with the community’s more focus on an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Acknowledging this phenomenon, IKEA has launched the ultimate sustainable, low-cost tiny home by showing what’s possible even with a relatively low budget.

This effort, known as the “IKEA Small House Project”, is the result of a joint effort between the Swedish furniture manufacturer and Vox Media. Instead of starting from scratch, they used an Escape Traveler‘s small prefab house for the project, under the current $ 50,000. The 17-square-meter (187 square-foot) structure is built using environmentally friendly materials on a mobile trailer and equipped with countless multi-purpose IKEA furniture and household items aimed at maximizing living space, efficiency, and utility. An independent plumbing system and ceiling-mounted solar panels also allow the tiny house to be placed independently from the grid. You can visit the project website to learn more about this collaboration. Don’t skip the visuals


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