Discovering Tranquility: Cowichan Lake Island No. 7 – A Remote Retreat in British Columbia

Nestled on the serene Cowichan Lake in British Columbia, the elusive Cowichan Lake Island No. 7 stands as a testament to the beauty of remote retreats. Accessible only by boat, this 2.25-acre private island offers a unique escape into nature, featuring a high-quality West Coast-style home with cathedral ceilings and exposed beams that can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

The island’s charm lies in its well-treed landscape, providing excellent privacy for visitors seeking a peaceful getaway. The 10-person cabin, surrounded by a miniature pine forest, exudes rustic warmth with its wood-clad ceilings and timber beams. Expansive windows invite the breathtaking rugged scenery indoors, creating a seamless connection between the interior and the natural world outside.

Cowichan Lake Island No. 7 boasts off-grid systems, ensuring a comfortable and sustainable stay. Despite its remote location, the island offers cell service, allowing guests to stay connected if desired. Additional amenities include a genny shed, workshop, and easily accessible docks for boats and fishing enthusiasts.

Unlike its name, Island No. 7 is anything but ordinary, offering 2.25 acres of usable space that has been thoughtfully improved to provide all the necessities of a modern home. The vaulted ceilings, high windows, and large great room of the house offer incredible views of the lake, while the surrounding low bank walk-on waterfront enhances the sense of seclusion.

Situated on the quieter end of Cowichan Lake, Island No. 7 is poised to become a cherished family legacy, creating memories that last a lifetime. For those seeking an added touch of luxury, a wood-fired hot tub awaits, promising relaxation against the backdrop of the fall foliage.

Discover the allure of Cowichan Lake Island No. 7 – where tranquility meets adventure in the heart of British Columbia. Click here for more details.

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