Backyard Tiny Home

Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia and the brand’s design studio Samara introduced their latest tiny house project, Backyard. This new accessory dwelling unit (ADU) brings sustainability to small living spaces with its eco-friendly features. Powered by solar panels, this tiny house has a unique air purification system that filters and ionizes the air up to four times per hour, thus ensuring that the air you breathe is always fresh.

Backyard, which has two models called Studio and One Bedroom, offers 430-square-foot (40-square-meters) of living space in Studio model, while 550-square-foot (51-square-meters) of living space and a private room is offered in the One Bedroom model. Samara‘s private kitchen, large bathroom, washing machine and dryer combination, and built-in storage were preferred for both options. You also have the opportunity to choose between the exterior colors and layout configurations. Currently available to California residents, the Backyard can be purchased starting at $289,000. Click here if you want more information.

Introducing Backyard. Only from Samara.
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