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Alpha Motors Montage

Alpha Motors has been doing some interesting things in the EV space over the past few years, from its ’60s-inspired ACE roadster to its adventure-ready commercial vehicle, the REX. Even if any of these concept studies have yet to see physical production, they’re still worth following.

When this California-based startup launches one of its impressive vehicles to the market, the Montage model, which we will introduce to you now, will surely make its way to the top of the order list. Inspired by the War-era vehicles of the 1940s, this electric car is built to make the driver feel like they’re in a car with an internal combustion engine, but the optional custom-built Electric Drive Unit is expected to deliver 3335 Nm of torque, 201 hp (150 kW) and a range of 402 km.

This ‘Time Machine’ design in silver is put into the air with gorgeous fenders and chrome trim added to its teardrop-shaped body. Inside the two-door vehicle, touches such as full-grain leather seats from Spinneybeck, a digital speedometer, an on-board charger, and a high-end speaker system would feel anachronistic if they weren’t so luxurious.

The custom-built Montage will be produced in limited numbers in the USA. If you are interested, you can apply through Alpha Motorswebsite. Of course, make sure you have $499,000 in your pocket.

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