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Retro-Modern EV Alpha Ace

From the current rapid development in the field of electric vehicles to the widespread appreciation of nostalgia by racing enthusiasts, frankly speaking, more and more electric vehicle start-ups have demonstrated retro-style designs supported by modern EV powertrains. One of the latest and most interesting methods of this formula comes from the up-and-coming California company Alpha Motor Inc, which drew inspiration from the coupes and sports cars of the 1960s to provide the startup company with the name “ALPHA ACE”.

Blending smooth lines and classic silhouettes with countless modern aesthetic elements, such as flared wheel arches, flush door handles and LED lighting, this car inherits a modern interpretation of traditional single-piece disc wheels, and has The minimalist interior has a flat-bottomed three-spoke steering wheel, a large central display, perforated leather seats and textured leather door panels with classic leather rings to replace modern interior handles. West Coast Electric Vehicle Company has not released official performance specifications, although the team’s goal is approximately 6 seconds 0-60 mph and 250 miles of battery life. ALPHA is 165 inches in length and has rear-wheel drive. To learn more about ALPHA ACE click here.


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