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Alpha Motors Wolf Electric Truck

Even just a few years ago, electric trucks were just an ambitious publicity campaign. However, since then, the market segment has grown rapidly, from EV-oriented startups (Rivian and Canoo) to the midstream of the automotive industry columns (Tesla and Hummer), everyone wants to join in. The problem is, this even does not include Alpha Motors‘ latest products.

Meet “Wolf”, a compact all-electric pickup based on a California-branded modular skateboard chassis. Very similar to its siblings, the truck uses single-motor FWD and dual-motor AWD configurations, enabling customers to meet their special needs. However, where the ratios of Ace and Jax are obviously similar, the length of Wolf is about 188 inches, which is a full two feet larger than the coupe. More importantly, it is equipped with a series of off-road-ready components, including a front brush head protective cover, two sets of fog lights and some larger all-terrain tires, and even a solar panel trunk cover. And in terms of performance, Alpha expects the range to reach 275 miles, a towing capacity of 3,000 pounds, and a 0-60 mph speed of 6.2s per hour. You can book now, starting at $36,000. Click here for more details about Alpha Motors Wolf Electric Truck.


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