Sag Harbor 2 House

Sag Harbor 2 House, with its tranquil waterfront views and impeccable design, is an ideal COVID getaway. After the Tribeca family left the city to escape the pandemic, the previous weekend holiday home became a full-time residence. It is located in a protected bay and is made of calm African teak, charred cedar and limestone. The three floors of the house have water views, and the bedrooms are located on the upper floor, each with its own balcony. The main living space is located below, while the basement level leads to the swimming pool, which leads to the gym, spa and living room. Floor-to-ceiling glass and spacious terraces keep the interior decoration in touch with the coastal landscape and sunset views. Click here for more details about Sag Harbor 2 House


2021 McLaren Sabre


Retro-Modern EV Alpha Ace