Exploring the Tranquil Elegance of Hello Wood’s CLT House in Hungary

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Hungary, the CLT House by Hello Wood stands as a testament to modern architecture seamlessly blending with nature. This 135-square-meter retreat is a marvel that embraces sustainable materials, showcasing a green rooftop that harmoniously integrates into its surroundings.

The house, strategically positioned within a mound, offers a unique hide-and-seek experience, unveiling itself with breathtaking views of the adjacent pond. Comprising a 35 square-meter main living space, a 15 square-meter guest room, and a 135 square-meter terrace overlooking the water, this dwelling perfectly harmonizes with the environment.

Crafted with cross-laminated timber and a treated wooden facade, the CLT House is a stunning fusion of strength and aesthetics. Hello Wood‘s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in the meticulous attention to detail, including a summer kitchen and carefully molded concrete elements.

Inside, the interior exudes warmth, with walls and ceilings clad in wood creating a minimalist contrast to the concrete floors. The main living area, featuring a summer kitchen, is flanked by two bedrooms. Expansive floor-to-ceiling glazing not only visually connects the interior to the outside but also physically opens the rooms to an extensive terrace overlooking a serene fishpond.

This sanctuary invites residents and visitors alike to experience tranquility, craftsmanship, and the timeless embrace of architecture and nature. The CLT House stands as a prime example of sustainable, innovative design that enhances the living experience while respecting the natural environment. Click here for more details.

CLT Home on the Edge of the Pond | Hello Wood
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