Anna Sliding Cabin: A Perfect Combination of Sustainability and Style

Anna Sliding Cabin, also known as Anna Stay 2.0, is a stunning creation by Dutch designer Caspar Schols. This innovative cabin offers a unique semi-outdoor lifestyle with its walls that can slide open, allowing you to experience the beauty of nature while being protected from the weather. With premium materials, exceptional amenities, and a flexible transportation system, Anna Sliding Cabin is a perfect combination of sustainability and style.

Made of engineered wood, birch ply, and aluminum, this cabin features plenty of glazing, allowing natural light to enter the space. The walls can be manually opened and closed on rails with locks and an integrated braking system. The glass roof and walls provide protection from the weather while also creating a greenhouse-like environment.

The Anna Sliding Cabin comes with exceptional amenities, including a sunken bathtub and a stowable bed, which are stored under the floor and accessible by hatch. The cabin also features a wood-burning stove and a kitchenette. The exterior of the cabin is made out of high-performance sustainable Accoya wood, while the kitchen and shower are made of wood and stainless steel. The cabin can also be installed as a self-sufficient off-grid version, making it perfect for the most secluded areas.

One of the best things about Anna Sliding Cabin is its easy foundation. The cabin is surprisingly light, so in most circumstances, it only requires a screw foundation, which can be installed in less than a day and easily removed when needed. The cabin is also modularly designed to be easily assembled and disassembled anywhere in the world, and 80% of its unique parts can be produced locally.

Anna Sliding Cabin derives its stability from a unique structure that has its origin in buildings such as railway stations, relying only on the side walls for structural integrity. This beautifully crafted wooden truss structure is a perfect example of authenticity and durability, ensuring that the cabin is strong enough to withstand any weather condition.

Live with the rhythm of nature by playing with the configuration of the cabin layers. The cabin has two different shells as outer walls, guided by supporting rails. The inner wall consists of a framework of wood and glass and is separated from the roofed wooden outer wall. By shifting the shells, different setups are possible to align with your mood, occasion, or weather conditions.

In conclusion, Anna Sliding Cabin is a perfect example of sustainable and stylish living. With its premium materials, exceptional amenities, and easy foundation, it is perfect for anyone looking to live close to nature without compromising on comfort and style. Click here for more details.

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