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2024 Living Vehicle HD Trailer Lineup: The Most Powerful, Solar-Powered, All-Electric Luxury Travel Trailer on Earth

Living Vehicle has just launched the 2024 Living Vehicle HD Trailer lineup, which boasts the most powerful, solar-powered, all-electric luxury travel trailer on the planet. The company has created an innovative foundation to produce renewable energy, which promotes a comfortable way of living that benefits everyone involved. The range includes three models: HD Core, HD Max, and HD Pro.

The HD Core model offers a total of 21kWh with 2kW of solar energy and 6kW of power. The HD Max model stores 3kW of solar energy packs 12kW of power, and has a total of 43kWh. The HD Pro model is the most powerful in the range, with 72kW of energy, 4.4kW of solar energy, and 18kW of power. All three models in the 2024 Living Vehicle HD Trailer Lineup operate hand-in-hand to power up all sorts of onboard amenities, such as the heating and cooling system.

In addition to impressive off-road capabilities and enough solar power for a home, this highly-capable range sets the sustainable standard for venturing into nature. The company’s co-founder likens the new model to a 5-star hotel, with everything from a king-size bed to a chef-designed kitchen, as well as a serene, spa-style rain shower for wellness’s sake.

The Living Vehicle HD Trailer Lineup starts from $459,995 for the Core model. It is specifically designed to be used in remote environments, making it possible to go off-grid indefinitely by creating your own perpetually sustainable power source. Living Vehicle has created a stand-alone electrical powerhouse with a fully integrated system. The LV power system leverages automotive-grade lithium technology.

With an abundance of free and clean solar energy, the energy pack becomes a resource for external needs beyond sustaining the LV systems. Every RV in the Living Vehicle HD Trailer lineup can charge Electric Vehicles with the Level 1 charging standard, and Level 2 charging is available on the PRO trim level.

Living Vehicle has also introduced the Dual Solar Awning, which features the most powerful solar array ever installed and extends to each side of the PRO series. When viewed from above and extended, the top of the Living Vehicle is covered with ultra-efficient, industry-leading, lightweight thin-film monocrystalline solar panels. Self-contained RVs store resources like water, gas, and electricity to take along, but Living Vehicle creates resources on demand wherever your travels may take you.

Living Vehicle HD Trailer lineup is designed to feel like home, with natural and extremely durable materials, and is conceived as a painter’s canvas. The Luxury Finishes package hosts some of the finest materials available on the market, including oversized windows, skylights, and an 8′ sliding glass door. Each space is highly functional and intuitive to use, some spaces taking on multiple functions so that you can get the most out of your home.

Overall, the 2024 Living Vehicle HD Trailer Lineup is an impressive and sustainable option for those looking to venture off-grid and explore the great outdoors in luxury and comfort. Click here for more details.

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