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G-SHOCK DWH5600 Smartwatch: A Retro Fitness Tracker for the Modern Athlete

Casio‘s sub-label, G-SHOCK, has released a new smartwatch that pays homage to the brand’s first-ever digital watch released four decades ago. The G-SHOCK DWH5600 combines nostalgia with modern fitness tracking features, making it a perfect companion for athletes who appreciate retro aesthetics. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the features of this new smartwatch.


The G-SHOCK DWH5600 comes in black and pastel blue case colors and has a retro aesthetic that looks like a standard 5600 Series model at first glance. However, the watch’s upgraded pixelated screen allows for more information display. The case is also slightly bigger than the standard 5600 watch, which makes better use of the screen.

Fitness Tracking Features

The G-SHOCK DWH5600 has an optical heart rate monitor, an accelerometer for counting and tracking steps, and smartphone connectivity for accurate readouts and notifications. It also uses GPS for better accuracy when tapping into its four sports modes: running, walking, gym workouts, and interval training.

In partnership with Polar, the watch can collect data to reveal your blood oxygen levels and cardio load, as well as track and monitor your sleep. The activity log feature provides visual graphs and maps of your daily routes.

Battery Life

One of the G-SHOCK DWH5600‘s notable features is its solar charging capability. After three hours of sun exposure, the watch can be used for an hour per day for about a week before needing to be recharged. This feature makes it a reliable companion for outdoor workouts and adventures.


The G-SHOCK DWH5600 combines retro aesthetics with modern fitness tracking features, making it a unique smartwatch for athletes who appreciate the nostalgia. With its solar charging capability and partnership with Polar, the watch provides reliable and accurate data to help you track and improve your fitness journey.

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