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It’s hard, very hard, shock hard, and then there’s G-SHOCK hard. For almost 40 years, the Japanese watchmaker has been making durable and functional watches that can handle anything thrown at them. Casio G-SHOCK, a company that has never built on its success, has created a new product line from its most challenging watch collection ever: the MUDMASTER GWG2000.

To create the GWG2000 collection, G-SHOCK took the dust and mud resistant construction of the MUDMASTER series and added a forged carbon bezel and Carbon Core Guard structure to make the watch smaller and lighter. Offering strength, lightness, and excellent durability, a carbon fiber reinforced resin case protects the module, while a forged carbon frame allows the GWG2000 to pack its strength and durability into a smaller size.

The GWG2000 also features advanced technologies such as solar radio control and triple sensor technology, including an altimeter, barometer/thermometer, and a digital compass to meet all your needs.

Designed to survive any conditions, the GWG2000 features stainless steel buttons and silicone bumper material to make it resistant to both sand and mud. Of course, with a full 200m waterproof ability, it won’t be too much of a concern in the water either. Add the GWG2000‘s fully automatic LED-backlit super illuminator for better readability in dark conditions and you have a watch ready for any task.

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G-SHOCK GWG2000 Mudmaster


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