Voxel Quarantine Cabin in Collserola Forest

The current epidemic has inspired more people to leave the world. In response to this new way of life, a team of students and researchers from the Advanced Ecological Architecture and Biourban Studies at the Advanced Architecture School of the Valldaura Laboratory in Catalonia designed the Voxel Quarantine Cabin. The sustainable wooden retreat is hidden in the forest of the Collserola Natural Park and created as a self-restraining single-person residence. It took only five months to complete, and it was made of cross-laminated planks made of 40 Aleppo pine trees that were milled, dried, processed, and pressed on-site. The panels are fixed together by lap joints and wooden dowels and are bent with a cork insulation layer. Residues generated during the processing of the original pine boards are treated with Japanese longevity board ban technology, and the garden box covers the roof. The holiday home is equipped with three solar panels and a separate battery storage room, rainwater collection system, greywater recycling, and black water treatment system. It is completely self-sufficient and can accommodate one occupant for 14 days. Click here for more details about the Voxel Quarantine Cabin.


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